First blog post

I had a revelation today and I wanted to blog while it was still in my mind, my ever-increasing fuzzy mind.  Since my world came to a crashing halt, I am grateful to have a mature, strong faith in the love of GOD and I am relying on HIM fully.  While I don’t pretend to understand, I do trust HIM.  Nightly, I have been wondering about my little farm with my dog, Charlie, just crying, cussing (a whole lot of cussing), praying, yelling – communing with GOD.  All the while, I have felt compelled to pick up rocks – not just any rocks – but special, smooth rocks.

I clutch each rock closely and say, “On Jesus Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is shifting sand.”  Then I say a prayer for my son, and for all of us, and place the rock on my “pile”.  Then I repeat the process.  My rock pile is growing!  At one point, I thought maybe I was gathering ammunition to throw at well-meaning, stupid people or maybe even throw at Heaven.

Today, while clenching a small rock and proclaiming Jesus the rock upon which I stand, I remembered that Jesus called Peter, the ROCK upon which HE built HIS church.   I also remembered the day my son stood up at the funeral of his beloved Grandfather.  My son shared his love and respect for his Granddaddy, and dubbed him the ROCK of his family – – Then, all of sudden, I realized, My child is my ROCK upon which my family is built.  He is the foundation, and he left me the guidance I need.  I have to be strong, keep going – one step, one stone at a time.


4 thoughts on “First blog post

      • I have just started reading Walking with God through Pain and Suffering by Timothy Keller. I lost a close childhood friend four years ago (her death was unexpected and tragic) and I’m not sure I’ll really ever get over it or through the grief. I’ve heard good things about this book. I know you said most grief books have been no help to you. I was just curious if you have read this one? I’m only on the first chapter so not very far. I’ve read another one of Timothy Keller’s books and really liked it so I’m hoping this one will be helpful.

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