Gather Stones Together

That’s what I do now.  I gather stones together.  I walk around like a zombie or a screaming banshee or a sobbing lunatic – and I pick up rocks.  Why?  I don’t really know.  I just feel a powerful, all-consuming compulsion to “gather stones together”.

Let me explain, this is my grief journey – I am mourning the loss of my Son, my only child.

If you should come across this blog and choose to read it, do so at your own risk.  Let me just go on record in advance, if you are offended by some profanity and brutal honesty, this is not the blog you should read.  In these pages, I am expressing honest, all-consuming pain, rage, resentment, grief, confusion, darkness and disdain.  I don’t apologize and I don’t sugar coat.  I need to release it.

This is my journal, my pain, my journey, my grief.  So this blog includes honest, unfiltered, uncensored pain, sorrow, grief, loss, confusion, bitter rage, and scathing sarcasm.  Hey, at least I am not physically throwing the rocks at anyone – at least not yet anyway.

But I am sharing, because I do believe there are others on this painful grief journey – maybe for a different reason – but here we are.  I have read many, many books – but somehow, none have expressed the RAW emotion – the PAIN.  Maybe, by sharing some HONEST emotions – maybe we can help one another.


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