Cinderella Quote

I won’t sugar coat this journey – it is horrible!  Sometimes the grief and loss is manifested in anger, rage, resentment, and a bitter dislike for the world in general.  That is a very dark place – and not a healthy place.   I let myself fall into that “PIT” and I was struggling to climb out.  So, I decided to wallow instead.  I curled up on the couch, cuddled my iPAD, and started watching a movie – Disney’s Cinderella (2015) with Lily James.

I have watched this movie a dozen times, at least – but this time… phrase spoke directly to me.

“Have courage and be kind.”

I cannot pull myself out of this pit in one step.  I cannot heal myself and I cannot avoid the pain.  But I can “Have courage and be kind”.  Throughout the day, when I started feeling bitter and snarky – I stopped and repeated, “Have courage and be kind”.

No, it isn’t an immediate cure for all that ails and pains.  But it is a tiny, tiny spark –

I can muster a little bit of courage to face the day and a small measure of kindness to give away.

Let’s all remember – everyone is carrying some pain.  Everyone is on their own journey.   Who knows what healing power may exist in a small act of kindness?

So, thank you Ella, for reminding me “Have courage and be kind.”


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