Screaming headache – suggestions?

It is unbearably hot here in Virginia.  But the horses and goose and cat need care.  I scrubbed the water trough and both goose pools.  Everyone has fresh water and the barn fans are running.

And my head is pounding.

OK, I don’t want to run to the Excedrine every time I get a head ache.  I am trying more natural remedies.

I turned off all the lights and relaxed for 20 minutes.  I think that made it worse.

I drank a full bottle of water.

I drank a cup of coffee for my caffeine fix.

Still the little hammer is slamming away in my head.  And still there are chores to be done.

OK, before I take the top off this Excedrine bottle, any other natural suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Screaming headache – suggestions?

  1. If you take your thumbs and press them at the back of your head at the base just where skull meets neck and there are two bumps there. Push your thumbs into those two bumps. When it feels really uncomfortable and the spot feels sore circle your thumbs on those spots. Do it for a minute if you can stand it. I find this helps headaches. After that I go for the Tylenol! Good luck.

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